onsdag 8 februari 2012

A P A Gallery opens at Sibyllegatan 18, February 9, 2012

The gallery will primarily focus on Nordic art with a focus on new exciting emergent artists, but will also act as a forum for interesting and well-established artists, such as Katarina Norling, Christian Partos, Silva Malmsten, Mikael Lundberg, Irina Gebuhr, Nils G Zander, Agnes Monus, Fred Salmson, Katinka Andersson and many more. These artists have been selected with the help of former Olle Olsson – house manager Yvonne Sandberg. 

We open with Irina Gebuhr’s vernissage, Thursday February 9 at 17 – 20
The exhibition will continue until March 4

Irina Gebuhr’s paintings have always had their own unique design aesthetic and her reoccurring themes of cartoon figures and the world of fairy tales are well known to the public. In her new paintings she uses her most loved and comforting toy animals as the frame, sometimes for her observations of the little world, sometimes for the more ominous surroundings. In some of her paintings, the Teddy Bears themselves become the focal point and when they confront each other a mild chaos occurs.
Yvonne Sandberg

Lena Gyllensund
Gallery owner
Tel 0733 744 500

APA Gallery, Sibyllegatan 18, 114 49 Stockholm, www.apagallery.se
apa@apagallery.se, 08 599 965 92
Hours of operation Mon – Thurs 11 – 18, Fri – Sat 11 - 16

  Galleriet vill i första hand visa nordiskt konst med fokus på

spännande nykomlingar men lika mycket vara ett forum för intressanta,

väletablerade konstnärer . Några av de senare är Irina Gebuhr,

Fred Salmson, Katarina Norling, Silva Malmsten, Christian Partos,

Agnes Monus, Nils Gunnar Zander, Dan Wirén, Helen Partos m fl.

Med hjälp av fd konsthallchefen Yvonne Sandberg

har dessa plockats fram.

Vi öppnar med Irina Gebuhr, vernissage 9 februari

kl. 16-20. Pågår t o m 4 mars.

Hjärtligt välkommen

Lena Gyllensund